Pixel (not) Perfect!

I have always had a problem or shall we say fear with the issue of “dead pixels” when purchasing a new monitor – and the fact that it seems totally justified and somehow reasonable for manufacturers to sell equipment which I believe is essentially B grade and defective.
Every few years, when its time to upgrade my monitor, I am always filled with a certain sense of dread and fear. It’s that horrible sinking feeling you get, just before you switch on your pristine, brand new, black and gleaming LCD (if the colour is black and indeed finished with gleam). The anticipation of seeing the dreaded, ever permanent dead pixels staring me in the face, getting in my field of view and essentially annoying the hell out of me, until:

a) I sell it on eBay (is that fair?).
b) Cover the dead pixel with a tiny plaster (not ideal, and really what is that going to achieve?).
c) Smash the screen with a small hatchet and fevered rage (satisfying, but only momentarily, achieving even less than (b)).

Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat from night-terrors about dead pixels consuming and overtaking by LCD – I run downstairs, fire up my PC, and scan every inch of the screen to find lo and behold … everything to be fine. Phew!, stop worrying, dead pixels are a thing of the past, its 2008, monorails and hover-boards are around the corner, this type of thing just doesn’t happen anymore.

But maybe one day things might change…and that, my friends, has now happened. My “BRAND NEW” Iiyama 24″ display tricked me into thinking it was a 1st class piece of hardware. It showed no symptoms of Necrotising Pixelisus for several days, and then, to my horror, a glinting, bright green pixel appeared unto me, blinking and sparkling like an exploding supernova of shitness (right in the middle of the screen)!! What new hell is this!

I have to live with this for the life-time of the product, and there is no way I can return this back to Iiyama, its a fault I am supposed to tolerate according to ISO 13406-2 standards and other such bullshit – furthermore, I only have power of redress if the monitor develops over 6 dead pixels, and/or 16 dead sub pixels (i.e. if the pixel changes to a permanent colour, red, green or blue, not completely dead and black). But one is enough!!!, thats enough to ruin the screen in my view, unless it was right in corner and sort of indistinguishable from the edge. Even worse, the bigger the screen the more dead pixels you must have before you can get a new screen, – its like if you bought a brand new car and it had a scratch on it – you’d be a mite pissed off and be wanting something done about it. If it had 10 or 11 scratches on it because its a “big car” then you’d be furious, you’d be wanting another new car straight away or your money back! But you buy something new, you want it new and unblemished, well I do anyway.

Update: I found this link to dead pixels, it may be old but its still useful espcially concerning the different classes of monitors:


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