Monthly Archives: December 2008

Beginners resources for REST web service with Eclipse

Just thought I’d quickly mention some good resources for learning the REST paradigm (having now moved on from SOAP web services.  These are basically resources I wish I had found on day 1.

The following is bearing in mind you are using the Restlet framework.

Again, a total lack of any decent, comprehensible tutorial material on the net, but I did unearth a gem from IBM’s website (you do have to register to download the doc, but it is free):

Build a RESTful Web service – An introduction to REST and the Restlet framework by Andrew Glover.

Also to back up your knowledge and to help you understand the above tutorial, I would suggest reading:

RESTful Web Services by Leornard Richardson and Sam Ruby from O’Reilly.


PS – Hope to publish my findings on a making my first RESTful web service that writes into a database.