My name is Simon Earnshaw and I work in GIS (Geographical Information Systems) as a developer, principly with C#. I like the language and intend to blog about it, but I also like to rant about stuff – so there will be random rantings about life and technology and discussion about GIS and programming (yay!)

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ann Efstathiou

    Do you know how to do this
    If TypeOf pLayer Is IGroupLayer Then …
    in C#.net
    I have tried
    if (pLayer.GetType() == typeof(IGroupLayer)) …
    but this does not work.

  2. Simon Post author

    I think it should be

    (layer is IGroupLayer)

    I really should translate this to C# – seeing as the title of my blog is “Rant in C#”!!!! 🙂

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