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Asus Maximus II Formula Motherboard Design Fault

Got one of these babies the other day to swap out my existing dud motherboard.  It is quite nice and also comes with a X-Fi sound module (SupremeFX X-Fi Audio Card) that plugs into the motherboard – bonus!

Problem is that the fit of this sound module conflicts with the motherboard layout i.e. it can rest on top of the mounting screw, as the hole for the mouting screw is right underneath where the sound module would go – this will cause a short and cause your PC not to start up i.e. you will be able to switch the PC on – but the fans will work for 3 seconds and then it cuts out.

Simple thing to do is remove the mouting screw that is resting against the sound module.  You don’t necessarily need all the mounting screws in the motherboard to make it secure.   After you have done this your PC should boot up normally.