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Why does anyone use Yahoo anymore other than for webmail and catching some news. Why are Microsoft even bothering trying to buy them out, I don’t get it, there are so many better alternatives to Yahoo!, that are both more of “today”, giving you a more Web 2.0 experience e.g. iGoogle (surprise surprise!). The only thing I can see happening is that Microsoft buy out Yahoo and make it almost the same as how iGoogle operates, because we all know that MS is a bit of magpie of the IT world and nicks other people’s good ideas etc.

Google have basically swatted Yahoo! into relative obscurity in search engine usage, even if Microsoft bought them out and combined their search engines, they would still be lagging behind Google. Don’t get me wrong I’m not really a Google fanboy or anything, but why would you bother using something that’s not all that good when there is better stuff out there. Yahoo is not total rubbish, it’s just a bit passe, and doesn’t really push the envelope or offer anything new.

Google has 59% of US searches, versus about ~20% from Yahoo! (according to searchengine.com). That’s a massive share. Yahoo aren’t helping themselves by charging for POP3 email access, who want’s to pay for web mail when it’s been free from the start – MailPlus from Yahoo woooooooh!, how exciting, yes please take my £12 a year for allowing me to access my email on Outlook and er…. better anti spam technology, allegedly – hmmmm my mouths watering. I know it’s only a pound a month, but I just can’t even be arsed paying them and going through all the payment details. So basically I dumped Yahoo not so long ago (and it would have been sooner if I wasn’t that precious about my email address) – I have a gmail account, it’s free too from 3rd party client software, and all round is much much better. It’s survival of the fittest, and Yahoo is looking a bit haggard!